Daily Post Limit on Tumblr

Hello everyone! Sometimes you start re-blogging and suddenly you realize you have reach a limit? wait - there's a limit in Tumblr? Yes! If you're a re-blogger fan you must know that the maximum amount of posts per day is 100 text, 150 on photos and re-blog 250.

The limitation applies to any photo, text, music, videos, quotes and chat that you post on your Tumblr Blog. It also applies for re-blog posts of any kind. If you reach the limit the only action you're able to do is LIKE a post, unless you wait till 12.00 am for reset time. Here are some basic questions of the Daily Post Limit:

1. What Is Tumblr Daily Post Limit?
(Official Nov. 14, 2013 Update)
250 daily Posts (includes reblogs) of any type: text, photos, videos, chat, etc.
100 text posts
150 photo posts

2. When I Can Post Again?
Once The Daily Post Limit resets at 12.00 am (midnight). (24 hours)

4. Is there any way to know how many posts you have left?
Yes! There's a Tumblr Post Limit Checker made by underr8ted. (tumblr name) 
You can visit the website: HERE!

SHARE IT: This information have been taken from the Tumblr Tag Forum. If you have any more information to share about the Daily Post Limit please write us at Tumblog-it! and let's us know what we're missing. Thank you.