Find Blogs of any category, Learn if you're friends use Tumblr and Search for people you wish to follow. How? Here's the tutorial!

 Hello Everyone! In this tutorial i will explain the "Find Blogs Option" -- wondering what is it for? The FIND BLOGS option allows you to :

1. Search per category any Tumblr blog : beauty, entertainment, culture, books, business, education and the list goes on.

2. Learn who uses Tumblr from you're friends in Facebook or Gmail.

3. It shows you how many people on Tumblr you're following. This option allows you to search ANY Tumblr blog using: the URL of the blog, username of the author / owner or by email.

Let's start the tutorial: 
- Where is the FIND BLOGS BUTTON?
First you must Log In Tumblr, on the right sidebar of you're screen find the option that says "Find Blogs" and click on it. 3 small options at the top of your screen will appear just like in this photo:

1. SPOTLIGHT - this option is the first one to appear once you click on the FIND BLOGS option. What is it for? It works just like a file directory, it stores all the blogs available for each category. The top popular blogs will appear with a photo just like "The New Yorker" from the example below.

2. PEOPLE YOU KNOW - Ever wonder how to know if you're friends use Tumblr?? Here's the option! Simply click on the Facebook or Gmail button and it will show you: the blog name, profile picture, name of your friend and the Follow button.

3. FOLLOWING PEOPLE: Last option and easy to use! Not only this option is available through FIND BLOGS button, but it also appears in the Dashboard of your Tumblr.

This option allows you to see the people you are following. It also gives you the option to search any blog using the URL of the blog, username of the author / owner or by email.