Know the basics of Tumblr. (text and video)

Hello Everyone! New to or even if you a Tumblr User is always good to know the basics of "How to Tumblr". Tumblr bloggers just like you and me, have created tutorial websites, videos and even books of  How to make your Tumblr experience better. 

If you just discover the world of Tumblr here a few tips and videos that will help you understand how to "Tumblr":
• First know: What is tumblr?
• Tumblr is a new world for you, is always good to know the different terms and words that people often use for blogging. Tumblog-it! have created  - Tumblr Dictionary: Read, Learn and Discover the Tumblr World. 
• How to start? Here's a video from made by yin97825 and Nicki rayraynicki  that explains the basics of Tumblr.