Tumblr Updates!

Have you heard the latest Tumblr updates? Want to know what's new? Don't worry Tumblog-it! have your back, check out the latest updates from Tumblr.com with us:

1. Your Archive got better! Tumblr have made a makeover to your files. What's different? Is faster and better to navigate. To visit your archive just add /archive at the end of you address.

 New Archive makeover:

2. Another recently change / update from Tumblr is the new placement for the Quick Features. If Log In Tumblr every day you may have notice some changes on the Quick Features that allows you to: Ignore someone, Share the post, Reply, Re-blog and Like the post.  

3. Third but not the last one is: Tumblr for Windows Phone now supports 11 languages! (update!). Tumblr Windows Phone users got a big surprise on May 28, 2013 -- the new Tumblr supports over 11 different languages!