New updates for Tumblr on iPhone and Android Cellphones

Hello Everyone, on September 18 and 19, 2013 Tumblr Staff announced a new update for their application on iPhones and Android cellphones.

Android Users
Push notifications for Android! You pushed for it. It’s happened. Today’s Android update features push notifications, along with a newly-designed activity screen. Now you can get updates whenever someone follows your blog or interacts with your posts.

Because you’re so cool, your phone might start blowing up with notifications. To control which ones you see, go to the Account tab and tap Settings

Download the update

iPhone and iPad
Push notifications for iPhone and iPad! Tumblr for iPhone and iPad now supports push notifications! Any time someone follows you or interacts with your posts, we’ll send an update to your phone right away.

If you’re getting a bazillion notifications, you can go to Settings under the Account tab to control which ones you receive.

Download the update