New! Hypster presents a new Video Player for Tumblr Lovers

Hello Everyone! I was updating some tutorials and I notice Hypster launch a new Hyp.FM player, a player that can be used on blogs or websites. The player can save user settings and will not play songs if user initiates pause action. It also can transmit song state between pages - the song will continue to play from the same position it finished on prev page. Before continuing I add this Player to my Example Blog, (youtube video) you can see how it works. (It looks pretty awesome!)

This project still on Beta, you can submit positive or negative comments HERE.

1. To use the new Hyp.FM player you must be register and have a playlist with I just update the tutorial for: How to Add Hypster Music Playerlist to your Tumblr if you want to try it out.

2. If you already have an account with Hypster then simply click HERE to go directly to the player code.
→ Log in → The page will take you directly to the Hyp.FM.

3. Choose the playlist and manage the settings to your preference. Then click on the "Code" button at the bottom of the page.

4. Copy the code at bottom of the page.
5. Log in your Tumblr account and find the customize button.
→ Settings → Customize → Edit html

6. Paste the code on your sidebar html info. (or where you wish to have the video playlist)
7. Click Update Preview and the Hypster  Playlist will appear. If you like it just click Save then Close the theme customization.