Tumblr Updates Everyone! Here's what's new with Tumblr.

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1. On October 21, 2013 Tumblr Staff announced  their new customize panel design, some of the major upgrades to the Customize panel are:

<boom>Real-time theme preview</boom>
<wow>Browse themes with filters and search</wow>
<omg>New color picker</omg>
<fonts>Fonts! Fonts! Fonts!</fonts>

Also! Tumblr made big updates to the source code editor.

2. On October 17, 2013 (today) Tumblr staff announced a new update Dashboard. The links/settings still the same, the update it only affects  the "style and how it looks" of your dashboard.

3. New updates for Tumblr on iPhone and Android Cellphones. On September 18 and 19, 2013 Tumblr Staff announced a new update for their application on iPhones and Android cellphones. For more information you can visit the Details about this update: HERE.