Tumblr Update! New Two-Factor Authentication

Hello Tumblog-it! readers, on March 24, 2014 Tumblr announced a new security system called Two-Factor Authentication that will improve the security of the Dashboard. Here's the information you need to know about this new feature:

Two-Factor Authentication
What is Two-Factor Authentication and how does it work?
TFA makes it especially difficult for anyone other than you (e.g., hackers, exes, et al) to access your Tumblr account. How? Well, aside from your regular login info, you'll need a couple extra things to get to your Dashboard:

• Your phone (which you've password-protected, right?)
• A unique, single-use code (sent via text or generated by an authenticator app)

How do I set up Two-Factor Authentication?
1.  Visit your account settings.
2. Click the "Enable" checkbox.
3. Enter your phone number.
4. Now decide whether you'd like to receive the code via text or through an authenticator app. We recommend both in case you need to use one as a backup.
5. Follow the steps laid out in the settings page.

How will Two-Factor Authentication work when I log in on the web?
If you've enabled TFA, it should work like this:
1. Log in to your Tumblr account.
2. Once you've received the unique code (either via SMS or through an authenticator app), enter the code in the specified field. Voila! You're in!

How will Two-Factor Authentication work when I log in through iOS or Android apps?
When you have two-factor authentication turned on, you'll need to generate a special one-time-use password in order to log in through your mobile apps. You can generate one through your Account Settings page. Don't worry about memorizing that password, by the way. You'll only need it once, and it's really stupid-looking anyway.

What if I disable Two Factor Authentication?
Well, we strongly advise against this. Your account is far less likely to get compromised if you've enabled Two-Factor Authentication. But if you must, we'll ask you to enter your account password to make sure it's really you. You'll then be able to log in to your account without the extra verification step. If you would like to re-enable it at any point, you'll have to go through the aforementioned setup process again.

Which authenticator apps do you recommend?
We recommend Google Authenticator, which you can download for iOS and Android.

Reference: Information have been provide by Tumblr Staff and website.