Tumblr App Update!

Hello Everyone! On May 6, 2014 Tumblr announced a new option: to customize your blog in the mobile application. Here's the full notes:
"A thing you’d love to do: customize the way your blog looks in the Tumblr mobile apps. Now you can do that. A header image, a multitude of fonts, an infinity of colors. A bunch of other things. You’d discover 3.3 billion combinations if you were foolish enough to count them. 
Better still: the choices you make will apply to your appearance in the Dashboard. Hover over an avatar. Now look. See? The beauty of a blog is delighting your eyes. 
Get the new app (iOS, Android), or visit the Settings page from your Dashboard, and make yourself as beautiful as you possibly can. Or make yourself look like a weirdo. Whatever you want. It’s not up to us. Have fun." - Tumblr Staff