Best Christmas themes for Tumblr

Christmas is here! Put some holiday spirit in your Tumblr with this fantastic themes. Remember, his themes can be found at Tumblr/themes and they are free. Credit belong to their original author/creator. 

#1 Christmas theme
Description: A simple yet charming Christmas theme, made
by Work-it-out themes from

Egret is a free Tumblr theme specifically tailored for
group blogs, but it’s also a jack of all trades with big images
and thoughtful typography. It plays nice on all devices,
and its colors are fully customizable! Made by hugtherobots.

#3 Christmas 
Description: Simple yet another beautiful theme by Work-it-out Themes.
This one includes the falling snow effect, Infinite scrolling and captions. 

#4 Merry
Description: This theme is user friendly and includes: 2 columns, 
snow falling effect,hover over photo, infinite scrolling and Christmas decoration. Made by citylitspiri.

#5 X-mas
Description: This Christmas theme features: single column, decorative sidebar of 3 Christmas bobbles, and every colour is customizable. Made by themesbyeris.

#6 Christmas
Description: This theme is user friendly, very simple, fixed candy cane
sidebar, customizable circle sidebar, 4 customizable links, optional snow code and more. Made by jaselightwood.

#7 Christmas theme Two
Description: This lovely and free Christmas theme is made by hardziam.
Itfeatures: six custom links that move, customizable border, background,
description background and title.

#8 Wintry Theme
Description: This white snow theme, features:  Tiled or attached optional
background image, 400px or 500px posts, 2 font choices, up to 5
custom links, Optional scroll box for longer descriptions
and optional Christmas decorations.
Theme made by: purloinedinpetrograd on Tumblr. 

#9 Mistletoe Theme
Description: Theme made by Notte-themes. It one column only, option
hover posts to have permalink, notes, and reblog button appear. infinite scrolling is optional. Pagination provided if not chosen and much more!