So what exactly is Tumblog?
I was a totally new on Tumblr about 5-years ago, I didn't know what the word "reblog" mean, so i realize "there must a be a way to learn how to use Tumblr". I found out that tumblogers, just like you and me, start creating Tutorial-blogs. A blog full of tutorials, tips, animations, themes, wallpapers and lots of content that will help everyone to understand Tumblr more. That's when it all start it....

I have about 3-4 different blogs on Tumblr (yes i love it that much!) and i keep track of all of them, cause Let me warn you, YOU WILL GET ADDICTED to Tumblr!

Here are some of my famous blogs that I would love to share with all:
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• All the photos are used for public-free purpose to show everyone how to use Tumblr the easy way. Photos original credit belongs to and we don't take any credit for their photos. We only use our name on the tutorials as a public link to invite users who are searching for knowledge and additional information about Tumblr.

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