Extensions / Plugins

Hello Everyone! Welcome to the Extension/Plugin section, first let's start by asking you: Do you know what's an Extension / Plugin for Tumblr? 

Extensions are extra features or small programs that can be add it  to your web browser (Google Chrome, FifreFox or Internet Explorer). By using an extension on Tumblr you can simplify many options, for example: you can re-blog faster, see who un-follow you, in other words allows you to blog faster and easier.

1. Missing E! - Missing E! is safe and free extension that allows you to "customize" Tumblr. For example this you be able to: enlarge photos without leaving the dashboard, make it easier to send asks and manage messages in your inbox and much more!

2. Share This: A social widget for your Tumblr Blog! - Social Widgets is a very popular thing to have in websites, blogs or profiles pages. Everyone wants to share what there doing on Facebook, Twitter, by Email, etc. And this tutorial will show you how to have the social widgets for your Tumblr blog. 

3. Xkit.info: this extension is more of a "full kit", for example reblog yourself, post your crushes, block the posts you don't like, blacklist words, shorten long posts, even automatically scroll your dashboard! With more than 40 extensions and 100 features, XKit packs more than any other extension.

3. Tumblr Life. Re-blogging have never been so easy! umblr Life simplifies your re-blogging! This extension allows you to re-blog super quick - what do i mean? easy just click on the re-blog button and the photo, text, quote - anything will be re-blog automatically. No more re-blogs pages.

4. Tumblr Edit Tags. Did you know there's a easy way to Edit your Tags from your Dashboard? How? With the Extension Tumblr Edit Tags - allows you to Edit tags the easy way.

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5. Tumblr Dashboard [Google Chrome] - a popular extension from Google Chrome is the Tumblr Dashboard, this extension adds a Tumblr button to your toolbar which allows you to visit your [Dashboard] no matter what page you're on! Awesome, no? Check it out, is free!

6. Tumblr Notifier [Google Chrome] - this extension is more like a "badge" that notifies you of new post in Tumblr.  The badge will appear on your toolbar.

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7Post To Tumblr [Google Chrome] Post To Tumblr is a simple extension that adds simple right-click-post functionality to Chrome.